What you feed your pet makes all the difference.

We take great care and attention to detail when breeding, raising and packaging our feeder mice and rats. We hand-care for them and treat them with respect throughout their lifespan.



RodentMart is a specialized breeder service, producing and distributing feeders for the reptile pet industry. Located in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. All our animals are raised ethically and with the utmost care.

With a passion for these animals, we operate with two purposes in mind. To provide the best care for these animals while they’re alive and to maintain the best quality products to deliver to our customers.

We take great care and attention to detail when breeding, raising, and packaging our feeder mice and rats. We always treat them with the respect they deserve.

We guarantee you will receive the freshest feeders possible! All items are dated and sealed when packaged for best results. What sets us apart – we never stockpile frozen rodents, and we cater to bird of prey facilities, zoos, and ball python breeders.

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What you feed your pets matters.

Healthy Bred Animals Breeds Results

Get the best results from your ball python projects by utilizing superior feeder rats and mice. We breed mice, both normal and African Soft Fur Rats (ASFs). Please ask for inventory levels for larger orders.

We monitor air quality, water quality, bedding and in-cage stimulants to ensure all our animal environments are maintained properly. If you walk into a rattery and can’t breathe due to the ammonia levels – how can your feeders breathe?

We need to ethically provide the best possible care to these animals. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Come and visit our facility at any time to view how we care for your pets by providing the best environment for their feed.

We only feed our rodents high-quality rodent feed specifically designed for their best nutritional needs.  We also feed our rodents treats, and once and awhile, microgreens! We never overcrowd our rodents and provide clean cages consistently.

We need to be responsible breeders.

Feeder Industry Regulation

Rattery Niagara Falls

There are currently no or very few regulations when it comes to breeding feeder animals. Lots of ideas and opinions, as well as breeders that do not maintain even the lowest standards of care for their animals.

How can we change this?

  1. Put a higher demand on your breeder to ensure they’re raising your pet’s food with the quality you demand.
  2. Ensure your breeder has quality control and auditory checks of their breeding facility to ensure they meet standards in food, air quality, and maintenance.
  3. Never buy feeder rodents from breeders that don’t showcase how they raise and care for their animals.
  4. Never buy feeder rodents from pet stores when you can avoid it. You’re buying in some cases second-hand feeders where very little to no quality control is maintained.
  5. Never buy feeder rodents that are not packaged properly. If you’re supply comes in freezer bags, it’s a good indication they’re not fresh. Ensure all packages are properly dated, and have not been redacted! You could be buying rodents that are over 6 months old.

Why will this produce results? It will ensure that all breeders either follow excepted guidelines, or they’ll be replaced by breeders that do it right.



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    Frequently Asked Questions and information on our services and process.

    RodentMart ensures the best level of service and care for our animals by ensuring all staff put the customer first. Our products are produced and maintained in the best way possible. We do this through proven techniques that offer the best care possible for our rodents at all times.

    We do things differently than other breeders. What works for our environment does not always work for another service. That’s why we believe our service is set up to best fit your needs as the consumer. Here is how we accomplish it.

    We feed our rodents a feed specially designed for rodents. We never feed our rodents dog food. Dog food is for dogs. Rodents are not dogs. Humour is free.
    We actually provide a variety of treats. Including vegetables, fruits, seeds, and microgreens. Including sunflower and peas. They absolutely love their microgreens.
    We never allow rodents to live on soiled bedding more than 5 days. That means at least once a week we change out each bin. We use a kiln dried pine bedding for all our rodents. We also supplement each bin with pine pellets that keeps the ammonia levels to a minimum. The more rodents that are housed in a single bin, the more often the bedding is changed.
    Absolutely. You should be encouraged to visit our facility and see how we care for our animals. Our animals are treated no differently and as if we have visitors daily.
    Yes. However, we never overcrowd our bins. Typically, we have 1 male rodent to 2 or 3 female rodents in each bin. When a female rodent is ready to have her litter, she is transferred to her own bin to raise her babies for the first few weeks. Although on occasions we do allow two mothers to raise their babies together. All mothers are provided extra nutrition while they’re caring for their babies. They love their microgreens.

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      RodentMart is a Canadian-owned and operated breeding service located in Niagara Falls Ontario. Our goal is to provide the best possible quality products for your pets. Quality in Quality Out (QIQO).

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