Ethically Raised Animals

Never buy feeder rodents from a breeder that will NOT allow you to see how their animals are raised.

RodentMart is a Canadian run service providing top-quality feeder rodents (rats and mice) to avid reptile pet owners, zoos, and bird of prey industries at reasonable prices. Located in Niagara Falls Ontario.


Our goal is to provide the best possible quality care, nutrition, and mental stimulation for our rodents, which in turn provide you the best food for your beloved pets. Quality in Quality Out (QIQO).


Visit our rattery by making an appointment. See how we care for our rodents first-hand. We produce and distribute rat and mouse feeders for the reptile, birds of prey, and pet industries in Canada. is a website owned and operated by “Let’s Rodent Inc.”


Let’s Rodent Inc., was incorporated on July 11th, 2022.


RodentMart Canada is a tradename of Let’s Rodent Inc. Registered and effective date of August 11, 2022.


Let’s Rodent is our official YouTube Channel.

Top-Quality & Value

The quality and care of our rodents meets the highest standards that as a customer, you should demand. We guarantee that at all times our rodents are looked after by trained specialists on a daily basis.

We are NOT the only rat and mouse breeder in Canada, but we are the ONLY rat and mouse breeder that will price-match any reputable breeder. Just like Walmart – our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest for the best quality.

Utilizing state-of-the-art shipping methods, guaranteed customer satisfaction, our mission is to ensure the best available food products for your pets. We offer subscription-based purchase services with free discounts.

Owner’s Message

As an avid ball python enthusiast, I would never compromise my snake’s health by NOT knowing how its food was cared for. Find out more on how we keep our feeders. 

Buy our feeders and you’re guaranteed to get the best quality at a price that allows you to keep more snakes – leave the rodents to us!

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