Rodent Feed

Quality In Quality Out What you feed your rodent and how your rodent’s daily diet is managed, will impact the health of your reptiles, pets, and collections. Never buy feeder rodents that are not fed quality rodent feed from a reputable vendor. We use ONLY Purina. We use 23% protein, which aid in the development […]


Rat Feeder Delivery Milestone

At RodentMart, we’ve worked extremely hard over the past 11 months setting up our rodent operation. With our all in-house, pure bred brown rat closed breeding system in progress- we’ve come to the point where we’re starting to meet our goals. It’s been an effort working through a lot of variables. Being able to delivery […]


Searching for a rodent breeder in Ontario?

Are you searching for a reputable breeder for feeder rodents? Searching for reputable rodent breeders for your feeder rodents in Ontario is not an easy task. In fact, it’s ridiculously hard. As an avid ball python keeper, I can attest to getting frustrated with the lack of quality feeders available to feed my collection of […]