Falconry is the hunting of wild animals (squirrels, rabbits, etc.) in their natural environment by means of a trained bird of prey. Typically with a hawk, falcon, or another bird of prey (Owl, Eagle, etc.).


The ancient art of Falconry dates back to Mesopotamia to 2000 BC. It’s a majestic art and bond between the falconer and the bird of prey. Great care and training goes into this artform and there is no more important aspect of this bond between the animal and trainer then ensuring the acquisition of the highest quality rodents (mice). That’s where RodentMart comes in. We’re the only facility that raises the highest quality feeder mice for these specialized industries in Ontario – keeping the highest standards in mind. How do we do that?


Pure-Bred Breeding Stock

We only use the highest quality mice for our breeding stock. Our stock is home-grown and set up in an exclusive closed breeding system. All and only hand chosen to produce the exact healthy rodent every single litter. We only use white albino mice so we can produce the exact same quality product for all our customers, including our latest Hawk. All rodents are clean, healthy, and packaged individually for ease of feeding. Some important factors we set out for our mice produce line for falconers:


  1. Purebred stock allows us to maintain consistency, in both health and product quality. We ensure your bird gets the absolute best cared for food possible.
  2. You know what you’re getting and can be assured your bird of prey is eating properly and getting the proper nutrition.


Clean Environment

Our rodents (mice) are monitored, managed, and health checked daily. The water that they drink, is the same water we do. Unlike most breeders who use extremely unhealthy environments like barns and outbuilding to raise rodents for pets- our environment is set up specifically for their care.

Air quality is measured and monitored daily and bins are never overcrowded and cleaned regularly to ensure the least amount of ammonia in the facility. When it comes to processing our products, we only package mice when required by the customer. You will never get mice that have been sitting in the freezer for months. All packages are date stamped so we know when the mice were packaged. We keep track of everything.

Ammonia build up in rodents can cause health issues for any animal, including birds of prey, if digested on a regular basis. Ensure your rodents are NOT raised in an environment that is full of toxic ammonia.

We ship rodents in dry ice when it makes sense to ensure the package arrives frozen.


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