Are you searching for a reputable breeder for feeder rodents?

Searching for reputable rodent breeders for your feeder rodents in Ontario is not an easy task. In fact, it’s ridiculously hard. As an avid ball python keeper, I can attest to getting frustrated with the lack of quality feeders available to feed my collection of ball pythons. In fact, the number one reason why ball python keepers start breeding their own rodents is due to the lack of quality supply and a few key factors.

  • The supply of rats and mice is rarely consistent.
  • Supply never seems to be the quality you’re looking for. In fact, from our research, persistent problems with quality are impacting egg production in collections.
  • You have to travel, sometimes 100km or more to find any live feeders.
  • Breeders tend to be small and not able to manage consistent and all healthy supplies.
  • There is a total lack of transparency when it comes to how breeders are caring for their animals.
  • It’s hard to find someone raising rats and mice with the same passion you give to your ball python projects.
  • The price of rats and mice inhibits the number of ball python projects you can invest in.
  • Customer service seems to be lacking in most breeders, as most rodent breeders are not business nor customer service-minded.
  • Small breeders often misrepresent how they’re caring for their rodents and often deliver diseased, sick, or unclean rodents. Which can greatly impact the health of your ball python collection.
  • Total lack of responsibility when it comes to providing a necessary service to feed your pets, the pets that you have the most absolute passion for.

RodentMart Canada is the answer to all these concerns.

We care for and have a passion, we’re just as passionate about our rodents as you are towards your ball pythons. In fact, we cater to this industry just for that specific reason. We’re ball python hobbyists ourselves. We care about our animals, as you do yours. It’s a team effort. Healthy and ethically raised feeder rodents will breed results in your ball python clutches.

We have been not so secretly obtaining rodents for 6 months from various Ontario rodent suppliers, at different weekly intervals, to compile research, gather data and information on the current supply, their health, and to determine where this industry needs to go. In a hurry it seems.

That being said, It’s not all doom and gloom. We have actually met a few, very few mind you, breeders that care deeply about what they do and treat their animals well. With those, we still find issues with health consistencies and sizes. I can’t tell you how many times I have been charged for a medium, that barely breaks into the small category. Or, received weans that should be 10 grams heavier based on their sizes.

We take raising animals ethically, seriously.

When you ask, what exactly is an ethical breeder, it’s an easy answer. We provide the best possible environment and conditions for rodents to not only do well in but to thrive in. There are quite a few basic principles we follow to ensure our animals are raised ethically.

  • Their environment is managed to ensure the best quality water, air, and feed is provided 24 / 7.
  • We never overcrowd our rodents. When there are more than 3 animals in one bin, that bin’s bedding is changed more frequently, as much as 2 times a week. We never house more than 3 adult rodents in one bin for any period of time. We like a 2 to 1 ratio of females to males.
  • We provide a variety of treats, vegetables, and seeds / nuts to pregnant females, and rodents that require additional nutrition.
  • We have a dedicated veterinarian that manages any animal that needs special attention. Dr. Erin Humaba.
  • Our vet also completes a full viral, bacteria, and parasitic workup periodically on our rodents upon request. We can’t say enough about the Main West Animal Hospital in Welland.
  • We do daily and sometimes twice daily health checks on every animal.
  • We socialize with all our animals continually and treat each animal with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  • We have built an application (RodentSoft) that manages all our rodents, numbers, sizes, and tasks on a daily basis. We can tell at any time, exactly how many rodents we have today, and will have in two weeks. This is the ultimate supply management process.
  • While we continue to expand our collection of animals and the number of breeders we keep, we also continually expand for the added care and required attention those added animals need.
  • We use a Laboratory Chow as our main feed for our rodents. Which contains 23% protein. The brand we use  is Purina. Cheap feed is often that, cheap on quality. We depend on Purina making the best feed we can find in Ontario.
  • Customer service is our main priority. We accomplish this by ensuring the quality of our rodents exceeds your expectations.

We work with a few key suppliers in our local area. Including Minor Brothers – Niagara On The Lake and Minor Brothers -Wainfleet. They’re both outstanding and we couldn’t do this job well without them.

Our main goal is to provide the best quality rodents, at a quality price, so that you can afford to keep more ball pythons. Leave the rodents to us.