A single Live Weaned Rat.

We do not ship live rodents outside of Ontario. We only deliver on orders that exceed a total value of $75 per order or a minimum value of $350 per month.

Live animals are shipped with fresh bedding. Receivers must supply their own boxes or bins to receive rodents.

All sales are final. We can’t accept any returns.

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Customer Satisfaction is our main priority.

  1. Always wash your hands before and after handling frozen live rodents.
  2. Length and Weights are estimates only.

Orders and scheduled orders are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. That being said, we do our best to fulfill all orders. Once you submit your request, we will get back to you within 4 hours to ensure your order has been guaranteed.

No returns on live rodents.


Rules & Regulation

We sell live rodents to reptile (snake) breeders directly. There are rules that must be followed when ordering live rodents. We also have a short policy review below. Please read carefully before ordering live rodents.

  1. There are no returns on live rodents. Once they leave the rattery, they can’t be returned under any circumstances. We can’t reintegrate animals.
  2. All live orders are scrutinized to ensure you’re purchasing the rodents for live feedings and not breeding. We do not sell live rodents for breeding purposes.
  3. We do not sell, when possible, live female rodents. So if you order live rodents, you will only receive male rodents, unless we’re short on inventory.
  4. All live orders must be purchased on a weekly, or bi-weekly subscription. We do not sell live rodents as a one-off purchase.
  5. All live orders can be delivered for a fee ($25 cents / km), on a minimum subscription order of $350 per month.
  6. Live orders are available for pickup at our office location in Niagara Falls, or at set locations across Ontario, on specific days of the month. Contact us for scheduled delivery locations for the week / month you’re ordering in.
  7. You must supply your own boxes for pickup or when we meet you to deliver your rodents.
  8. All rodents are shipped with fresh bedding, ammonia control pellets, and pine pellets. This will keep your rodents dry, clean, and healthier for shipping.
  9. Rodents set up for delivery are not fed for up to 4 hours before the shipping processes starts to ensure they’re clean when you get them. They are provided water at all times prior to shipping.
  10. We can and will add a few rodents extra for repeat customers and repeat subscriptions for further discounts.

Additional information

Weight 31-45 g



85.00g – 130.00g (goal weight of 110g)


33 to 42 days old


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