At RodentMart, we’ve worked extremely hard over the past 11 months setting up our rodent operation. With our all in-house, pure bred brown rat closed breeding system in progress- we’ve come to the point where we’re starting to meet our goals. It’s been an effort working through a lot of variables.

Being able to delivery 85 small and medium rodents for our first run is an amazing accomplishment. All perfectly healthy, and amazing feeders for ball pythons.

Although we have not reached our goal of 200 litters per weak – the wait has been extremely worth it. Although the picture is not the greatest, you can see a commonality with all our rodents. 

  • Every single one of them is perfectly healthy. The best quality product for all our customers are going to be consistent.
  • No rodents are from any overbred breeding systems in Ontario or even Canada for that matter.
  • They’re all pure bred, with amazing body conditioning and perfect shiny coats.
  • They don’t smell like your typical feeder rodents. Rats are very clean animals – if your feeders smell really bad, it’s not a rat problem, it’s a breeder problem.
  • Each rodent has been fed 23% protein Purina Rodent Chow, for its entire life with supplemental protein with just the right amount of fats and vitamins.
  • They’re all ethically treated with the utmost care and responsibility.

Please get in touch with us to sign-up for regular deliveries to Toronto and other locations across Ontario. Reach out to our sales department ( for further updates on when we will be shipping and our drop-off locations currently being proposed.


Team Rodent!